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What did Lizzie say? Find out Midnight-5:30AM! Weekdays!

Radio & Work Experience:
On-Air – In & out of radio since 2002 (Thanks Vance & Melissa Foxx!) Too many stations to list.
Also Promotions Director & Event Coordinator for various companies & government since 1996.

Fun Facts about Me:
I call myself a “New England Cracker”. Born & raised in Floridah but spent every summer in Maine & where most of my fam still resides.
I can find the funny in 99% of everything, yes even funerals which I have been asked to leave because I couldn’t stop cracking jokes about the person who died.
PC is not for me & don’t expect it from me. However, I do know where most lines are drawn & really good at tap dancing on thst line.
That’s where the #LizzieSaidWhat comes in.
Ppl should know, I LOVE God even though I have the mouth of a sailor, I have warped thoughts & farts make me giggle. God gave me this warped mind & it’s my relationship with him, not yours, so don’t get it twisted!
I have much love & massive respect for those & the loved one of who sacrifice(d) to keep us FREE!
Alias: #LizzieSaidWhat, Breeder, Lizzie Borden & White Trash.

Motto: More cushion for the pushing.

If left on a deserted island what are the 2 food items you would want: Eggnog and McRibs.
Love: My family & Framily cuz you don’t have to be blood to be MY family. Water has been thicker than blood too many times.
Also Christmas is the bomb diggity for me! Not becase of presents but the amount of time we have designated for the important ones in life.
Sports Teams: Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots and Florida Gators. (seriously are there really any other teams out there?)
Advice: Pulling out doesn’t work.
Phobia: Plungers sitting next to bathtubs & toilets.
A movie title(s) for the story of your life? A Christmas Story, Peanuts the movie, Groundhogs Day, Twister, Elf, Sandlot, Goonies, Stand by me, Green Mile, Friday… You choose.
Which of the presidents was your favorite? Me. I am the president of myself & I ROCK AT IT!
Favorite Bible Verse: John 15:5 – I live by it daily!