President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he will leave the White House if the Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump, who continued to cast doubt on the election result, took questions from reporters from the Diplomatic Room of the White House following a series of video conferences with military service members on Thanksgiving, assuring he would leave the White House on Jan. 20. However the President went on to say “it’s going to be a very hard thing to concede” and declared that the Electoral College would be making a “mistake” by voting for Biden. He also continued to allege “massive fraud” related to the election, saying, “You’re going to see things happening over the next week or two that are going to be shocking to people.”

After Thanksgiving, President Trump said he plans to travel to Georgia to hold a campaign-style rally, which he suggested would be in support of the state’s two Republican incumbent senators who face runoff races.

Inching toward exit, Trump says he’ll leave if Biden wins Electoral College vote


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