On Monday, election results in Arizona were certified in Phoenix by Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, making Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump official in the state. The results marked the second time a Democrat has won the state of Arizona in a presidential contest in 70 years. Final vote totals showed Biden won by 10,457 votes, or 0.3% of the nearly 3.4 million ballots cast in Arizona. Eleven electors from the Democratic party will meet officially on Dec. 14 to pledge Arizona’s electoral votes to Biden. 

Meanwhile, presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani and a group of Republican Arizona state lawmakers announced they were holding a rally at a downtown hotel to challenge the results of the election and allege fraud. The Trump campaign dropped its election lawsuit in Arizona in mid-November after arguing that the integrity of the Nov. 3 election was compromised by machines that did not accurately tally “overvotes.” Other suits challenging the Arizona ballot count have been tossed out by local and superior court judges.

Biden has had results certified in several battleground states, helping him win 306 electoral votes on Nov. 3 to Trump’s 232. 

Biden receives first presidential daily briefing as Arizona certifies his win

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