Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have officially received 306 electoral votes to be elected president and vice president. The Electoral College cast votes Monday, following weeks of President Donald Trump continuing to cast doubt on the election process.

California cast its 55 electoral votes in favor of Biden and Harris on Monday afternoon, pushing them above the 270 vote total required to be elected president and vice president, respectively. Hawaii was the final state to cast its votes, giving them a total of 306 votes, with 232 votes going to Trump. In the key swing states of Georgia and Pennsylvania, a total of 36 votes were cast for Biden and Harris. Electors in Nevada also cast their six votes for Biden in a virtual meeting. The Nevada Supreme Court had just rejected a Trump lawsuit alleging the election results were “rigged.”

The Electoral College vote came after all 50 states and Washington, D.C., certified their votes and named slates of electors. Those electors met Monday in locations chosen by each state legislature and cast one vote for president and another for vice president on paper ballots.  The Senate will convene on Jan. 6 presided over by Vice President Pence, in which they will count the votes, followed by the inauguration on Jan. 20.

‘Time to turn the page’: Electoral College makes Biden victory official


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