House Democrats aligned themselves with President Donald Trump and plan to vote Monday on legislation increasing the direct payments in the coronavirus stimulus bill to $2,000 per person, if Republicans block their efforts to pass it Thursday. The checks would be more than three times the $600 approved by Congress in the stimulus package approved earlier this week.

House Democratic leaders will first plan to try to pass the higher payments Thursday through an unanimous consent procedure that requires every Republican to go along. If that fails, lawmakers will bring a separate bill to the floor on Monday. Rep. Josh Gottheimer, who played  major role in crafting the $900 billion stimulus package, confirmed on Wednesday that he would support the higher amounts. “For months now, I’ve been very supportive of another round of stimulus checks,” Gottheimer said. “If we can agree to larger stimulus checks, then let’s absolutely get it done. Our families and small businesses can’t afford a day more of inaction.”

On Wednesday, the President again said in an email, “I will NEVER accept a bad deal, which is why I have sent the Covid Relief Bill BACK to Congress. This bill is a DISGRACE. It’s called the Covid Relief Bill, but it has almost nothing to do with Covid, and it provides minimal relief for the American People.”

Democrats will try to approve $2,000 direct checks Thursday


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