Chelsea Handler revealed she sustained multiple injuries after a recent skiing trip. Handler took to her Instagram Story to reveal: “I have a torn meniscus, two broken toes, I think, one is definitely broken. One might just be in a bad mood. And my arm broke a tree so…But I can ski down almost anything now.” While detailing the injuries, Handler remained in good spirits.

Handler later took to Twitter to note that she did not have a single skiing accident and that she was merely recapping injuries she’s sustained over time while working to improve herself as a skier: “I keep falling like this I mean you’re supposed to teach me,” she said in one video that sees her legs stuck in a pile of snow after a wipeout. “I skied into one tree today, and ski patrol was skiing with me….I mean it’s just ridiculous. I get no respect form the mountain.”

Back in February, Handler said that she had decided to move to Canada for the winter on a temporary visa after following mandatory quarantine rules due to the coronavirus, and while there has hired a private instructor to help improve her skiing.

Chelsea Handler Says She Has a ‘Torn Meniscus’ and at Least 1 Broken Toe After Skiing Injury


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