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Pete Davidson sentenced to community service after car crash in LA

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Pete Davidson will have to do community service and go to traffic school after he was charged with reckless driving for crashing his car into a Los Angeles-area home in March.

While the incident occurred in California, Davidson may be able to complete his requirements in New York City. nA spokesperson for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement that Davidson was placed on an 18-month diversion program, which includes a hospital and morgue visit, or 12 hours of traffic school, 50 hours of community service and restitution, all of which can be completed from New York. He must have all hours finished within the next 18 months.

The 29-year-old Davidson crashed into a Beverly Hills home on March 4. Davidson was driving with his girlfriend, Chase Sui Wonders when he lost control of his vehicle in the Flats neighborhood of Beverly Hills. His car hopped the curb and hit a fire hydrant before crashing into the side of a nearby house. Davidson’s Mercedes-Benz was totaled, but there were no injuries sustained in the crash. No arrests were made in connection with the crash, and authorities did not believe Davidson was under the influence of drugs or alcohol while behind the wheel.

Davidson’s counsel indicated his interest in completing his community service with the New York Fire Department. Davidson’s late father, Scott Davidson, was among the firefighters who died while responding to the Sept. 11 attacks.

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